Sahar° by ModestMira is an ethical luxury British brand specialising in silk and pattern. All designs are hand drawn and consciously made in the UK.

Each collection is carefully thought out, designed, and developed by the founder Amira Khan and manufactured by digital textile printing specialists based in the UK.


‘Sahar’ in Persian means ‘Dawn’ a name given to the founder by her uncle and the brand name has great influence over each curated collection.
‘Dawn is the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before sunrise. It is recognised by the appearance of indirect sunlight being scattered in Earth’s atmosphere, when the centre of the sun’s disc has reached 18° below the observer’s horizon. ‘


The products are made from a luxurious Silk Twill, characterised by its diagonal lines created by the weave. The combined Silk and Twill properties offer a lusting shine appearance and durable strength making it perfect to drape and last longer. 

Sahar by ModestMira represents unique, original designs and most importantly quality. All designs are inspired by aspects of nature, art, travel, and colour.  Combining both style and practicality, our products can be loved for many years to come. Elevating your style and wardrobe with striking patterns and colours yet remaining a classic piece to always fall back to over time.


All pieces are created with incredible amounts of passion, care, and love.





Our products are consciously/carefully designed and created with the environment in mind. The packaging used for our products are considered environmentally friendly. Sahar° by ModestMira operates with a manufacturer based in the UK which specialises in digital textile printing. Digital textile printing is considered the most eco-friendly route in today’s UK textile industry. Being mindful of the ecological impressions on the planet, throughout the process; the inks used are certified Azo dye-free*, patterns are printed directly to the fabric which equates to less wasted surplus ink and water consumption, and material waste is kept to a minimum.


*Dye does not include harmful and toxic chemicals like bleach and nitrogen, making it suitable for sensitive skin.




Sahar° by ModestMira Founder





Amira Khan is a British Pakistani born and raised in Manchester UK and has recently moved to the city of Birmingham to live with her husband.


Since the age of 13 Amira has been wearing the hijab which has become a big part of who she is as an individual.

Growing up she experimented a lot with her style. Playing around with colours, patterns, and textures to find what suited her best but most importantly what made her feel at her most confident. Realising that dressing modestly didn’t mean she had to compromise on style.


Since starting ModestMira in 2015, Amira has connected with a large audience sharing her love for fashion, writing, art, and photography. And above all else, encouraging women to embrace their authentic unique self. This has allowed her to create a career within the world of fashion and work amongst the most incredible fashion brands to date. Giving her an insight into the world of styling, design, and creative directing.  


Through Sahar° by ModestMira, she aims to provide women with luxury, elevated and seamless items that will last them through time. A brand that represents boldness, character, and confidence for the modern woman.